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GAP Peptide Synthesis (GAP-PS) is remarkably cost effective, combining the advantages of both SolPPS and Fmoc chemistry. Coupling reactions are run in solution, near the saturation point of the solvent of choice. This approach creates significant economic advantages due to reduction in solvent waste and flexibility in reactor size. For example, we synthesize 1 mmol of a 10-mer peptide using a 35 mL reactor, generating only 250 mL of total solvent waste.

GAP-PS utilizes green solvents, such as ethyl acetate, in all aspects of the production process.  This approach mitigates regulatory costs and reduces FDA and EPA concerns.

Synthesis of the ~300 Da GAP protecting group used in GAP-PS is extremely affordable and all other steps use standard coupling and de-protection reagents commonly found in Fmoc chemistry. GAP-PS does not require the use of special, expensive reagents.

GAP-PS produces highly efficient couplings, needing no more than 2 equivalents of activated amino acid to complete the coupling step, even without synthesis method optimization.

High Crude Purity
Scale Up
Fast Turnaround