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Fast Turnaround

Coupling efficiency distinguishes GAP Peptide Synthesis (GAP-PS) from many SolPPS methods. Many of the unique technical aspects of GAP-PS work synergistically to enable rapid condition screening during contract research on new sequences. Because GAP-PS utilizes Fmoc chemistry and standard coupling reagents, work is also efficient from a cycle-time standpoint. Additionally, much of the synthesis process is automated, enabling fast generation of valuable data for our clients.

GAP-PS leverages a unique solubility control mechanism to achieve high crude purity of desired peptide sequences. High crude purity distinguishes GAP-PS from a quality perspective and also significantly reduces the column time typically required for the purification process. Column time savings, high-purity crude product, and coupling efficiencies are just some of the ways GAP-PS can ultimately benefit our clients from a turnaround standpoint.

High Crude Purity
Scale Up
Fast Turnaround