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High purity peptides made faster, better, and more economically than ever before

Innovative Technology

GAP Peptides LLC leverages the science behind GAP chemistry to enable chemical synthesize of synthetic peptides at commercial scales. We use solution-phase, Fmoc/tBu synthesis methods and incorporate our proprietary IP to deliver the capability of producing milligrams to kilograms of high-purity peptides for research.

The novel approach we apply to peptide synthesis is intensely practical.  Our process reduces the amount of raw materials consumed, lowers expensive equipment utilization, and minimizes waste by-products.  With the use of green solvents, GAP Peptide Synthesis (GAP-PS) technology improves the ease and safety of reaction conditions while simplifying the operations needed for intermediate purification.

GAP Peptides Synthesis (GAP-PS) delivers substantial economic advantages affording the production of synthetic peptides at lower costs than traditional chemical  synthesis methods. Our research services provide the evidence needed to show that GAP-PS results in shorter production times, lower overall costs, and high-purity crude peptides. Contact us to learn more.

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