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TKS: Innovative Chemistry for Peptide Manufacturing and Analysis – March 17, 2021

Of the challenges related to large-scale manufacturing of peptides, costs, scalability, process efficiency and sustainability rank high for sponsor companies. GAP-PS is a new approach to peptide synthesis that delivers an economical, green manufacturing solutions for complex, long chain macromolecules with high yield  and high crude purity – which significantly reduces chromatography costs.

Group Assisted Purification Peptide Synthesis (GAP-PS) resembles solid-phase peptide synthesis,  but the process runs in solution. By running coupling reactions in solution phase and purifying by simple filtration and/or extraction, we combine the advantages of both LPPS and SPPS techniques. The process embraces principles of Green Chemistry by focusing on waste prevention and energy efficiency; using safer solvents; and minimizing potential for accidents and hazardous conditions.

Dr. Cole Seifert will be speaking on how how longer peptides can be made using a straight-through, one-fragment approach. A case study demonstrating the successful application of GAP-PS to the 20-mer pharmaceutical peptide, bivalirudin, is presented.   Click the link above to register and view the TKS webinar.

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