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Group Assisted Purification Peptide Synthesis

GAP Peptide Synthesis (GAP-PS) was discovered and developed by Dr. Cole W. Seifert and Dr. Guigen Li, a distinguished professor at Texas Tech University. Based on concepts derived from GAP chemistry which has been successfully used for chiral amine synthesis. GAP-PS achieves solubility control by the attachment of an intelligently designed small-molecule protecting group to a substrate of interest.

During GAP-PS, a 300 Da GAP protecting group is attached to the C-terminus of the first amino acid. Coupling reactions run at room temperature, in solution, followed by water extraction. Selective precipitation of the peptide occurs using alkane co-solvents. Running  reactions in solution phase and purifying through simple liquid-liquid extraction, GAP-PS combines the advantages of both SolPPS and SPPS techniques.

GAP-PS is highly amenable to Fmoc chemistry but also handles Cbz and Boc protection strategies. Because our  protecting group functions just like any another protecting group, all chemistries are amenable including  carbodiimide, uronium, ammonium, and other coupling reagents, including Oxyma based products. The GAP protecting group is orthogonal in deprotection strategy: facilitating the synthesis of complex peptides (macrocyclic structures, stapled, branched, conjugated, and others).

High Crude Purity
Scale Up
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