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GAP Peptides is advancing the application of GAP-PS technology, particularly for large scale synthesis. As a homogenous solution, GAP-PS shows great promise for the production of very large quantities of peptide, where scale-up of SPPS becomes extremely difficult. Unlike SPPS, GAP-PS does not require specialized reactors or equipment.

Operationally, reactions on a large scale generally take longer than when on bench scale. Also, the peptide product must be stable under reaction conditions for prolonged periods to allow for in-process controls. To address this, GAP-PS facilitates flexible coupling and deprotection reactions. For example, Fmoc deprotections can be finished in as little as 10 minutes, but can also be stable for longer than 3 hours if needed. There is also flexibility with temperature control for coupling reactions, to balance throughput vs. energy costs according to customer requirements.

To enable in-process analysis, GAP-PS reactions can be quickly and easily monitored using standard HPLC and LC-MS techniques at any point. SPPS often must rely on qualitative measures which can take hours before results are generated.

These are just some of the aspects GAP-PS addresses for large scale production. Please contact us to discuss your specific target if you are interested in scaling up. GAP-PS has relationships with a variety of reputable CMO’s for large scale synthesis, where GAP-PS can be licensed during tech transfer.