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Contract Research and Custom Peptide Synthesis

GAP Peptides, LLC is the first and only company to use GAP Chemistry to synthesize peptides.  Our innovative synthesis approach is highly efficient, cost effective, and green. The patent-pending chemistry enables the production of high quality peptides while reducing waste, cycle times and direct costs compared to LPPS and SPPS methods

Custom research and development projects occur in our lab located in Lubbock, Texas, USA. We have the capability and capacity to perform a wide variety of chemistries.

  • Our robust process ensures reliability and high-throughput generation of data.
  • Projects completed provide protected or purified peptides as a dry, solid powder for Researchers and Manufacturers working up specific or proprietary formulations.
  • For contract research projects, in addition to feasibility data, we can provide the target peptide if needed for quality validation or additional in-house research.
  • Our proof of concept model is flexible and collaborative to insure a smooth transition to commercial production.

For clients interested in IP transfer, upon completion of research and generation of satisfactory data, we offer  sublicensing opportunities for the application of GAP-PS technology for commercial scale production.

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