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Our team has experience in research, operations, and corporate functions—areas crucial for long-term growth and sustainability. From our scientific founders to our hands-on Board of Directors, our common vision is to transform peptide synthesis for the 21st century.

Caroline Brooks-CEO & Managing Director.  Caroline is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a BS and MS in Industrial Engineering and an executive MBA. She has 20+ years of experience working in professional services, high tech and manufacturing industries. Caroline worked with clients globally as a management consultant specializing in business performance optimization, process improvement, talent management, and organizational change.

Cole Seifert, PhD-CSO, Founder.  Dr. Seifert is a graduate of Texas Tech University and is the expert in GAP Peptide Synthesis.  He conceived GAP peptides while a student at TTU and led the technical and scientific evolution behind this novel approach to make large scale production of synthetic peptides more efficient, more economical, and less hazardous than traditional synthetic methods.

Carder Brooks-Advisor, Founder.  Carder has an MS in Biotechnology and a JD from Texas Tech University. He is a licensed patent attorney and practices IP litigation in Ft. Worth, TX. Carder’s experience and insights provided the foundation for addressing GAP Peptides’ legal and IP commercialization strategy.