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For a custom peptide synthesis quote,  contact us:

Minimum research order quantity:  1 g

Information required for quote:
1.  Institution Name
2.  Purchaser Name
3.  Purchaser Title
4.  Billing Address
5.  Shipping Address
6.  Payment Method
7.  Telephone Number
8.  Email address

Quote to Order Process:
Quote request must specify peptide sequence; purity; quantity; shipping requirements. Upon receipt of order, GAP Peptides CSO will reach out to schedule a discussion about the target specifications.  Only after the discussion has concluded will GAP Peptides confirm next steps, timing, and pricing.  At this time, the minimum research peptide order quantity is 1 gram. Please contact us directly for more information regarding Order Processing.

Product Pricing:
Price quotes are in U.S. dollars and prices are only guaranteed once a purchase order has been submitted to and approved by our CSO.

Product Shipping:
We ship using United Parcel Service or Federal Express.  Actual shipping charges will be calculated and added to the order invoice. If you prefer to use your own shipping service provider, please provide the “bill-to” account number when ordering. At this time, we service customers in the US and in Europe.

Product and Service Quality Guarantee
GAP Peptides is committed to quality and to our customers. If you are not satisfied with our service and the product received, please contact us immediately for resolution. GAP Peptides will not assume responsibility for misused or damaged products.

*Products produced by GAP Peptides are research grade and are NOT for use in humans.*

All transactions are subject to GAP Peptides, LLC Terms and Conditions of Sale which is in no way superseded by the information on this page.

View and print Terms and Conditions of Sale here