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GAP Peptide Synthesis Process Overview

Our research protocol utilizes our proprietary, solution phase peptide synthesis process leveraging Group Assisted Purification (GAP) Chemistry. Reactions are run in solution – eliminating the use of costly and bulky polymers. GAP Peptide Synthesis enables a highly efficient peptide production method and an end product with high crude purity. This proprietary chemical synthesis approach addresses not only cost issues, but also purity and speed. At last, using GAP-PS, high-purity peptides can be made faster and more economically than ever before.

All our raw materials are sourced in the USA and our research and synthesis is performed in Lubbock, TX.

Peptide Product Characteristics

  • Purity range from crude to > 95%  to >99%. Average crude purity is >90%

  • Incorporation of unnatural amino acids, conjugation, and other modifications

  • Milligram to gram quantities produced in-house

  • Kilogram and larger quantities  via  CMO partners

  • Contract research projects generate preliminary data in as little as 1 week

Product Certificate of Analysis (CoA) includes:

  • Reverse Phase HPLC to confirm purity
  • MALDI-TOF and/or Electrospray HRMS to confirm identity
  • Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) to determine net peptide content available upon request

Custom Research standard data includes the above and:

  • Isolated yield, including total amount and type of solvents and raw materials used
  • Additional data can be provided based on the clients’ needs and the resulting statement of work

All peptides are supplied as lyophilized solids with a CoA.

Custom Peptide Synthesis

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Custom Amino Acid Synthesis

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