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GAP Peptides’ Service Model

Developing GAP-PS Technology for Clients Needing Better Peptide Synthesis

Partnership & Innovation

We utilize a customer collaboration model – listening carefully to critical needs. We find ways to collaborate with our clients that complement and continue to strengthen our capabilities.

We focus on delivering customer growth oportunity by leveraging proprietary GAP technology to provide optimized synthesis routes that reduce costs, minimize waste, are environmentally sensitive, improve worker safety, provide flexible and easy scaleup, and protect margin.

Proof of Concept Studies

For many developers and manufacturers, innovation is key to their growth strategy. Innovation is at the heart of GAP Peptides.

We deliver practical innovation: working with our clients to develop and optimize green and highly economical routes for their peptide targets. We also provide the technical expertise to support optimization for scaleup projects. Please contact us to discuss your challenges.

Ask us a Question

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